September 7, 2010

MU rising up the list for WR Wilkins?

On how his season is going so far:
"It's going alright. We've just gotta pick up our second half team offense. We're not doing enough with our second half offense, so we've gotta pick that up."

On New Mexico and whether or not they are just another team out there for him:

"It's kind of another team out there. I don't think my parents want me to go that far."

Is Marshall climbing the ladder for his services:


What does he like about Marshall:

"When I'm watching them, I only watched the first half(Ohio State game). It felt it was a receiving team; they throw the ball (a lot). I felt like they don't have enough receivers to get the job done."

Looking at their receivers and seeing them struggle against OSU, that makes you feel like you could come in and contribute early next season?


So you're top three is Cincinatti, Duke, and Marshall?


On the Duke Blue Devils:

"There's a few reasons I want to go to Duke. One is their academics, two, they have a receiver(Donovan Varner) who is from Florida (Gulliver Prep) and I like how he plays. I want him to teach me everything he knows because he was one of the top receivers in the ACC. That's why I want to go."

On whether or not he's excited for Miami Northwestern next Friday:

"Yeah, I'm ready."

On making sure his teammates don't look ahead to the showdown with Miami Northwestern:

"Yeah we don't look past anyone. We take it one game at a time, one practice at a time. I just want the team to be focused and understand what's gotta be done to be a good team."

On his favorite receiver of all-time:

"TO (Terrell Owens). I like TO because for some reason there's something about TO. Okay he drops balls and all, but everybody drops balls and he still puts up numbers for a team and still makes the Pro Bowl. That's why I like TO. He can say that dropped balls mean nothing to him. When I drop a ball, if I drop a pass, I just think about what TO does. Next play you have to do the same thing and try to make it better."

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