December 22, 2010

Offensive lineman Josue Joseph talks about MU

The game of football is won and lost in the trenches.

You hear it all the time but you it so much because it is so very true.

The Marshall coaching staff has been searching diligently for the latest behemoth to help upgrade their offensive line unit.

Who's the latest road-grader to jump up on the radar of the MU coaching staff for the class of 2011?

That would be Josue Joseph, an offensive lineman out of the state of Florida who has "tremendous upside."

He's only played the game of football for two years, which would explain why he's flown under the radar so much.

The talented offensive lineman officially decommitted from Florida Atlantic University on Sunday night.

He's looking at his other options and he will be visiting Marshall University sometime in January of 2011.

The Herd coaching staff recently extended him a scholarship offer.

His lead recruiter for MU is defensive line coach Sean Cronin who recruits the central Florida territory for Marshall football.

Right now his visit is slated for January 21st, but it could easily be moved up to January 14th.

HerdNation recently caught up with the gifted offensive lineman, who boasts Division I-A offers from Florida Atlantic and Marshall.

Below is the interview.

HerdNation: Talk about the college football recruitment process and how it's going for you man?

Josue Joseph: "The college football recruitment process is definitely something I wasn't prepared for. How would I say my process is going? I can't say it's been the best, but I'm learning. I'm basically trying to take it step-by-step."

HerdNation: What other schools offered you a scholarship Josue?

Josue Joseph: "FAU, Western Kentucky, Bethune-Cookman, and Tennessee State."

HerdNation: Josue you were recently offered by Marshall University. Talk about your upcoming visit to Marshall University in January and what you're going to be looking for on your visit.

Josue Joseph: "The Marshall offer was definitely one I wasn't expecting but I'm definitely happy that I got it. What I'm going to be looking for on my visit is basically how I'm going to be living for the next four to five years. That may or may not be my home for the next four or five years, so I'm definitely looking at it just not football wise but how I'm going to be living, the living conditions, and the area itself, Huntington, West Virginia."

HerdNation: Josue your lead recruiter for Marshall University is Sean Cronin. Talk about your relationship with him a little bit, Josue.

Josue Joseph: "My relationship with Sean Cronin--it's a good relationship. He's been a real good recruiter. I don't know too much about him but I definitely feel like his whole process--it was something I liked. It wasn't too much pressure. It was kind of 'Let me tell you about my school and let me see you think about it. Then you can probably make the decision yourself.'"

HerdNation: Are you ready to name a favorite in the process at this point?

Josue Joseph: "Not at the moment, I'm not ready to name a favorite. I'm basically just waiting to go on a couple of visits and pay attention to whatever jumps out at me. Then after that I'll be making my decision."

HerdNation: Are you still committed to Florida Atlantic University Josue?

Josue Joseph: "No. Officially as of Sunday, I have decommitted from Florida Atlantic University. It was a decision that I made at the time that I thought I wasn't going to go back on because I had been down there a couple of times and I really liked it. But towards the end (I figured) it wouldn't be the best for my future if I didn't take the chance and look around."

HerdNation: It's only your second year of football Josue. Talk about how much you're learning about the game of football and what you're working on heading into the next level.

Josue Joseph: "Football for me--I'm definitely working hard you know. I work hard every day in practice. Basically what I'm learning is you always have to want it and go after it relentlessly. There could be adversity but you have to look beyond that and just look to complete your goal."

HerdNation: How are your grades in the classroom Josue?

Josue Joseph: "My grades are very good. Right now I have a 3.4 GPA. I'm trying my best to keep that as high as it is and basically raise it."

HerdNation: Have you taken the ACT or the SAT?

Josue Joseph: "Yeah I've taken the SAT. I scored a 1470 on the SAT three-part."

HerdNation: So you're officially qualified?

Josue Joseph: "Yes sir."

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