May 12, 2011

Lineman likes first visit to VT

Spring practice may be over, but recruits are continuing to pass through Blacksburg. The latest visitor is a lineman that came through on Wednesday for his first trip to Virginia Tech. What did he think?

"It was good," Exton (Pa.) Downingtown East offensive guard Jack Willenbrock said. "I really liked it. I was really impressed with a lot of the things they had to offer.

"I heard a lot of good things about it and one statistic that was really impressive is that they are the only team in the country that's won 10 or more games seven years in a row, that was pretty impressive to see."

Willenbrock was joined by his parents on the visit and he went into detail about the trip.

"We basically took a tour of the campus, went through the facilities and met a few people. Virginia Tech is a first class program and most of the stuff was first class, the locker rooms are brand new, but I would think Virginia Tech would have good facilities," he said. "I got a chance to meet some of the other coaches, we bumped into them. I also got a chance to walk out into the stadium that was really cool. I liked it. I haven't been to a game, but I heard they are one of the loudest stadiums in the country.

"We also did get to drive around the campus and I saw most of it since it's pretty compact."

Willenbrock's recruiter, Shane Beamer took the lead on the visit as he got to know Beamer better.

"It was good, I liked him, he's a really nice guy," he said. "It's his first year back at Virginia Tech and it was actually pretty interesting. On Tuesday he was at our school in Downingtown and we basically followed him to Blacksburg. He told me he likes me a lot."

It wasn't just Shane Beamer that the 6-foot-4, 250-pounder spent time with, he also had a meeting with head coach Frank Beamer.

"It was good, it was my first time meeting him," he said. "I went into his office and sat down and talked to him for a little bit. He kind of discussed why they had offered, basically they like me for this and that. He talked a bit about Virginia Tech.

"I think he definitely represents the program and he has instilled himself in the program. He's a straight forward guy and obviously a good coach, winning and so on."

Overall it was a good first trip for Willenbrock.

"I think overall it went very well," he said. "It was just nice to go check out the place and get a feel for it. I think my parents liked it too."

What did the visit do for the Hokies?

"Obviously since they are the only school that has offered me they are at the top," he said. "It was good to get down and see Virginia Tech. I can know if that's what I want, but right now they are the only school that has offered me. As more schools offer me I'll still like Virginia Tech and they'll be up there in my list of choices when it comes down to decision time."

From here, the lineman discussed what's next.

"I haven't gotten another offer yet, but a good amount of coaches have come by and my coach is saying I should have some offers here in the near future," he said. "The only camp I'm committed to doing right now is Penn State's camp. A lot of coaches up here have dropped off camp information."

It's believed Penn State is at the top of the list for Willenbrock if they offer, is that fair?

"I guess they are still up there, I grew up a Penn State fan," he said. "At the same time, you've got to put your fan aside and judge each school for what they are not just on the fact I like them. You've got to view it as a life choice."

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