March 21, 2012

Class of 2012 Getting Army Ready

For safety/cornerback Tim Kamana, Safety Cedrik Bell, DT Jack Hanley and RB/WR Elijah St. Hilaire ... they will all have one step up on their high school teammates, as well as classmates when it comes to being indoctrinated into the ranks of college life.

These student-athletes, along with several other future Army Black Knights who are direct admits will be on campus to start their West Point careers for the infamous R-Day (Reception Day) that takes place July 2nd. had the opportunity to catch up with all four players as they begin to wind down their high school days, while also being in Division I and Beast Barracks preparation mode for their days and weeks ahead as future Black Knights and Cadets.

First there is Tim Kamana from Honolulu (Hawaii) Punahou High School and President Obama's alma mater, who has been utilzing his second favorite sport to get himself physically ready for the next step ... although he did run into a slight detour.

"First of all, I have been running track," says the very athletic defensive back, who runs all the sprints; 100M, 200M, 400M, 4x100M, 4x400M, along with the long jump, but his primary event is the 200M.

"Actually, I pulled my hamstring about 4 weeks ago. So for the past 3 1/2 weeks I have been doing some pretty intensive rehabilitation so I could recover as fast as possible. Last week I started my training again and working my way back into it. So this week I'm going hard with the team and I'm already training with all the other guys. My recovery is going well and so this weekend I will probably be running 400M and 4x400 .... just like nice easy stuff to ease my way back into it."

Despite fighting through his hamstring dilemia, the 5-foot-11, 180-pounder is still working deligently to focus in on the other areas in order to adjust to the upcoming demands of being that will come along with high school senior attempting to transition into the ranks of Division I football. Not to mention what one will encounter during Beast.

"I've been staying with my upper body, but due to my hamstring and the only real leg stuff doing before was the stuff I was doing at rehab," shared Kamana, who also received some recent advise from Army's Co-Defensive Coordinator, Payam Saadat. "No real leg weights yet because I don't want to reinjure my hamstring."

"I actually Coach Saadat this morning. We just talked about how things are going with me and just other things like how early have to be up there (West Point) for R-Day, which is July 2nd. Maybe that I should come a few days early because I'm coming from so far away, that I probably need time to adjust to the time difference."

And when Kamana arrives for R-Day, he along with several of his future teammates that make up one of the Black Knights best recruiting classes in years have already begun their bonding process ... both the direct and USMAPS prospects.

"We talk, but nothing real extensive and the real bonding will really start when we get up there in person and share stories," he adds. "I've only officially met one teammate which is Kyle Fleming. We were both at the Founder's Day Dinner for West Point grads from Hawaii and they invited us. He and I were sitting at the same table and we got to talk stories that night for a good couple of hours. I really got to bond with him."

In addition to utilizing social networking to contact and stay in touch with his 2012 recruiting classmates, Kamana has been keep a watchful via "I have been following everything about what is happening with our incoming class and other Army football on," he shares. "I'm real excited to there and get started."

Next up on our coverage is 3-star commit, Elijah St. Hilaire.

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